Project Content

Work Packages
  • To ensure that the project successfully achieves its stated objectives on time and within budget
  • To ensure coordination of efforts among all partners, communication with the participants, effective operation of the project, monitoring of the achievements, timely delivery of the results as well as dissemination
  • To ensure an appropriate overall financial and administrative management and reporting

The objective of WP2 is to analyse European and national research projects regarding their technical innovations, their tactical and operational recommendations and their potential to develop new guidelines and operational procedures within the field of emergency and crisis management

WP3 defines the implementation framework for the training use cases and the evaluation procedures for the use cases to assess the impact of the project to its target communities. The main purpose of this WP is to implement and evaluate the overall approach of RESISTANT platform and to define validation activities in order to assure validity of results based on scientific objectives of the project as specified in WP1. A series of tests will be designed and executed to monitor progress and validate the methodologies and technologies by RESISTANT. The tests will be based on real life scenarios and case studies based on the four (4) complex, demanding use-cases

WP4 will produce, implement and monitor the dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies of the RESISTANT project. The objective is to maximize the impact of the project, ensuring proper dissemination and communication of the project results to raise awareness to the scientific and industrial stakeholders and, subsequently, generate demand and further adoption of the RESISTANT results

List of Deliverables


 Deliverable TitleDissemination levelDue date (months)Download
D2.1First Report on RESISTANT’s observatoryPublic6⬇️
D2.2Second Report on RESISTANT’s observatoryPublic12⬇️
D2.3Third Report on RESISTANT’s observatoryPublic18⬇️
D2.4RESISTANT’s educational and training infrastructurePublic6⬇️
D3.1RESISTANT Use case guidelines and User’s HandbookPublic6⬇️
D3.2RESISTANT use case Implementation and Evaluation ReportPublic18⬇️
D4.1RESISTANT dissemination planPublic6⬇️
D4.2RESISTANT dissemination reportPublic18⬇️
D4.3Web-site and Online dissemination and communication infrastructurePublic1⬇️