Realized Initial Planning conference for preparation of Full-Scale Exercise (FSE), “Flood case caused by torrent”.

As a part of the RESISTANT project and in the context of the WP3 objectives and Use case 3 activities, on Wednesday 24.11.2021, MAGMA in cooperation with Protection and Rescue Directorate organized an Initial planning conference for the preparation of Full-Scale Exercise (FSE). The aim of the initial planning conference was to develop a draft scenario, define a multi-disciplinary exercise planning team, agree on the objectives for each area to be exercised, sketch out the main events of the exercise and associated timetables, determine the outside agencies be involved, such as the media or voluntary agencies and list the facilities required for the exercise and confirm their availability. During this conference, the participants were trained by KTGR how to use the COncORDE emergency management platform for incident management during the full-scale exercise.

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