RESISTANT at the Italian Civil Protection Department in Rome (ROADMAP)!

RESISTANT was kindly invited to participate in the final workshop of the “European Observatory on Disaster risk and crisis Management best Practices (ROADMAP)” project at the Italian Civil Protection Department in Rome on June 10, 2022. ROADMAP project has the main objective to establish a European “Doctrine on disaster risk and crisis management” funded on the mutual cooperation between scientific communities and DRM authorities. Prof. Nikolaos C. Kokkinos, Deputy Coordinator of RESISTANT, attended the workshop and presented a poster entitled “RESISTANT: Training and Knowledge Sharing Platform For First Responders and Educational Tools for students’ and citizens’ awareness and preparedness against Natural and Manmade Disasters and Risks revealing RESISTANT’s goal and objectives along with some highlights of the use cases. RESISTANT and ROADMAP projects are both funded under the “Union Civil Protection Mechanism Knowledge Network: Network Partnership (UCPM-2020-KN-AG)” aiming to strengthen and promote knowledge-building, partnership-building and networking under the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network.

Left: Nikolaos Kokkinos, Deputy Coordinator of RESISTANT | Right: Felix Bloch, DG-ECHO

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