Final planning conference for Full-Scale Exercise

As a part of the RESISTANT project and in the context of the WP3 objectives and Use Case 3 activities, on Tuesday 15.03.2022, Military Academy and Protection and Rescue Directorate realized the final planning conference for Full-Scale Exercise. The pilot use case will be based on a specific scenario named: “Flood case caused by torrent”. The main objectives of the exercise are:

• To identify limitations and safely and effectively use appropriate water rescue equipment, whilst operating near or in moving water appropriate to the limits of a non-buoyant rescuer
• Demonstrate water rescue scene management and dynamic assessment of risk
• Identify and apply the role of the First Responder within the incident management structure
• Identify and use appropriate Personal protection equipment (PPE)
• Identify and understand flood hazard mitigation measures

The aim of the final planning conference was to:

• finalize the scenario of the exercise,
• develop the main events of the exercise and associated timetables,
• confirm the availability of the outside agencies to be involved,
• agree and prepare a detailed set of recommendations, each one accompanied by an action addressee and timescale and
• prepare invitations to spectators from stakeholders in the Crisis management System in North Macedonia

The exercise will deal with testing how the COncORDE emergency management platform supports the first responders to organize themselves in case of a flood caused by a torrent.

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