AFAN Webinar

The Evia Rescue Team- S.A.R. 312 (Greece) and the Military Academy Skopje (North Macedonia) attended  from behalf of the RESISTANT Consortium a webinar organized  by the  Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN) project ( on  February 23, 2021 . AFAN is a project funded under the same call as RESISTANT, namely “the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network : Network Partnership (UCPM-2020-KN-AG)”. The AFAN webinar was open to all European organisations, networks and individuals interested in the fire analysis/assessment topic. 

The objective of the webinar was to present an overview of the AFAN objectives, introduce the services and products that the project will provide to the network, present the list of tools and events for the interaction of the network participants and capture participant’s opinions on different network aspects and participation.

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