Related Projects

Related Projects – ROADMAP

ROADMAP project has the main objective to establish a European “Doctrine on disaster risk and crisis management” funded on the mutual cooperation between scientific communities and DRM authorities. The doctrine that is intended as a shared understanding of disaster management between decision-makers and scientific actors will be based on selected experiences, best practices and implemented …

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Related Projects – NET-CBRN-REACT

The aim is for better and more prompt disaster risk management in Eastern Europe and the Middle East through strengthening effectiveness and efficiency of collective civil protection and disaster management efforts within UCPM. NET-CBRN-REACT was developed by an international, multi-stakeholder, consortium of government, academia, industry, civil society beneficiaries from Belarus, Germany Jordan, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine …

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Related Projects – L2BR

L2BR project with overall objective to strength the role of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network as an inclusive platform of shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking in order to establish common understanding. Moreover to establish shared culture of prevention, preparedness and response in civil protection and disaster risk management in the EU …

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Related Projects – INDIMA

The project will develop and enhance a network-concept for better and holistic civil protection and disaster risk management by integrating all relevant stakeholders in pre-planned joint preparedness and response activities, establishing a tangible network. The objective is to optimise the cooperation and improve the cordination among a wide range of governmental and non-gonvernmental, civil and …

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Related Projects – HEUREKA

The Civil Protection Knowledge Partnership Platform will bridge across knowledge holders relevant to disaster management and humanitarian aid actors, to enhance coordination, cooperation, compatibility and complementarity between capacities and will improve the competence of experts. It will be a bridge between the different actors in our field of work at a crucial moment-between the European …

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Related Projects – DiMaND

The Disaster Management Working Group aims to develop cooperation between disaster management stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of disaster preparedness and response at regional level The goal is to support this initiative and to strengthen the DMT by promoting the network of governmental and non-governmental disaster management organizations in the Danube Region.