Training and Knowledge Sharing Platform for First Responders and Educational Tools for students’ and citizens’ awareness and preparedness against Natural and Manmade Disasters and Risks


RESISTANT’s aim is to build the first European Crisis Training Platform to train first responders through threefold comprehensive training: educational training with the state-of-the-art knowledge in safety, including tools for characterisation of hazards and associated risks, operational training on mock-up real scale transport, and innovative virtual reality training reproducing the entire accident scenarios, intervention strategies and tactics, including the whole chain of command and communications between all members of the first responders team, facility managers, and public (e.g. volunteer fire fighters, school children, citizens with disabilities).


RESISTANT's Community

The RESISTANT consortium is comprised of seven partners from four different countries, all of which bring important skills, experience and expertise in the key areas of: first responders operations, training and communications. The project’s consortium will ensure that RESISTANT will therefore be developed with the direct and close collaboration of experienced first responders, in order to ensure the quality, efficiency and overall operational functionality of the project’s output and its impact.


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